Nekra performing at Decolonise Fest. Black and white photo of a punk singer with long hair and tattoos on arms singing into the mike onstage. Drummer is visible in the background

Decolonise Fest
16-18 September 2022
London, UK

A punk festival by and for punx of colour

Tickets on sale now

2022 Lineup

  • Bishi
  • Break Fate
  • Breakup Haircut
  • Crystal Axis
  • Currls
  • Dystopia
  • Fraulein
  • Grove
  • Incaseyouleave
  • Marigold Spitfire
  • Miss Jacqui
  • Passionflower
  • Spirit Sigh
  • Swaraj Chronos

Decolonise fest is an annual London-based, non-profit DIY punk festival collectively organised by and for punx of colour. Our collective is made up of activists, militant community organisers, musicians, and artists that came together to hold our first festival in 2017.

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