Breakup Haircut

3 people standing in front with one squatting above them with their hands folded. Dressed in a variety of punky clothing

Breakup Haircut are a sometimes-pop-sometimes-punk band called Breakup Haircut (FFO: blink-182, Worriers, Mountain Goats). They got together for First Timers Fest 2019, a festival where every band debuts. They’ve since been playing shows, making pals and solving mysteries left and right.

BH’s music is defined by humorously relatable lyrics, boppin’ basslines, and fierce, melodic hooks – and some very nice things have been said by quite a lot of people about their first release, What Did You Expect? I Got It Off The Internet! – landing them slots with Big Joanie, Wales Goes Pop!, Bigfoot Fest, Loud Women Fest V, and more. Their debut album, Punk Dancing for Self Defence, will see the light of day in summer 2022.