Crystal Axis update for our 2022 fest

Sadly due to a combination of visa issues and unforeseen costs we will not be able to bring Crystal Axis over to Decolonise Fest 2022 in September. Both Decolonise Fest and Crystal Axis are incredibly disappointed we will not be able to make this happen this year.

We appreciate the donations received to help bring the band over. For anyone that has donated to our crowdfunder for the band, the money will be used to cover costs incurred during the application process and the rest will go towards finishing the band’s new EP and making a music video.

Crystal Axis

Crystal Axis are a group of anti-colonial, afropunk rockers based in Nairobi, Kenya. The band’s lyrics often draw on the brutality of both the legacy of colonialism and the Kenyan government. Their 2019 single ‘Nyayo House’ is based on the torture chambers used by the government to silence dissidents, while 2018 single ‘Leopold’ is about the atrocities inflicted on the Congo by King Leopold II of Belgium.

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