Poster for Decolonise Fest 2020

Decolonise Fest 2020: Online

Poster for Decolonise Fest 2020


Like many festivals, we were forced to cancel our event this year, given the current circumstances. As a collective, Decolonise Fest is dedicated to creating a space for our community in the punk scene so we decided to hold a COVID-friendly version of our festival.

On 1st – 6th September we will hold Decolonise Fest Online, a week-long series of workshops, panel events and performances. We’ll play host to online workshops including a Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club workshop involving tantric breathwork, self-care and martial arts, as well as a workshop on Black and Brown queer world building led by Screaming Toenail vocalist and celebrated artist Jacob V Joyce. We will also host a panel on Global Punx of Colour featuring punks from around the world talking about their local scenes and communities.

The series includes two days of exclusive performances from New Orleans no-wave glam punks Special Interest, anti-colonial Kenyan punk band Crystal Axis, “South Asian” “American” “Punks” (est. 2006) The Kominas, London-based alt-Americana act DeLila Black, electronic synth-punk artist PRNCSS and post-punk Netherlands-based act Lifeless Past.

Tickets are free, though we encourage donations if possible. For more information about tickets and the series click here:

Decolonise Fest online is supported using funding from Arts Council England.

Decolonise Fest Online schedule

Tuesday 1st September:

Shadow Sistxrs presents: Entering into the Serpent: Dialoguing with Kali

Clem leads us through a journey of Tantric breathwork, bringing us into contact with the Goddess of Revolution, our Divine Mother, Kali. Monique will then teach a few simple martial arts techniques that will allow us to physically embody the principles of power, protection and pleasure.

Wednesday 2nd September:

Black and Brown Queer World Building

Join Jacob V Joyce for a workshop mapping the future through collaborative poetry and writing exercises. This workshop draws on speculative fiction writing techniques to facilitate collaborative envisioning of a queer decolonial future.

Thursday 3rd September:

Crystal Axis + The Kominas + DeLila Black

We’re hosting a night of exclusive performances on the streaming service Twitch featuring punx from around the world.Join us for sessions from:
Crystal Axis: Anti-colonial Kenyan punk band
The Kominas: “South Asian” “American” “Punks” (est. 2006)
DeLila Black: London-based alt-americana act

Friday 4th September:

Special Interest + Lifeless Past + PRNCSS

We’re hosting a night of exclusive performances on the streaming service Twitch featuring punx from around the world.

Join us for sessions from:

Special Interest: New Orleans no wave glam punks
Lifeless Past: Post-punk Netherlands-based act
PRNCSS: Electronic synth punk artist based in London

Sunday 6th September:

Global Punx of Colour Panel

Join Decolonise Fest for a panel event with punx of colour around the world discussing their local scenes, how punk relates to their identity, how BLM has affected their activism and scene and how to create a global punx of colour community