Crystal Axis and Weedrat fundraiser!

For this year’s fest, we are having two INCREDIBLE international bands, from Kenya and New Mexico! Help us raise funds for them to get here by donating to our crowdfunder

🔥 Crystal Axis
🔥 Weedrat

Crystal Axis (Nairobi, Kenya) are an important punk band on the Kenyan rock scene. The band’s songs cover topics such as colonialism and the dark history of Western oppression. We’d love to be able to showcase their voice and talent to our audience.

Weedrat (Albuquerque, New Mexico) write angry pop punk songs about indigenous rights, reproductive justice and Indigenous feminist movements, which are still far too underrepresented in the UK.

To help us with their travelling costs and fees, we have set up a crowdfunding page. Any donation, no matter how small, will be a big help!

Donate here

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