Coming to Decolonise Fest: psychedelics workshop


On Sunday 30th June, expand your mind…

Although not often recognised by researchers and scientists, fungi and plants have been used by indigenous Africans for spiritual and community development for millennia.

Workshop leader Darren will be sharing his extensive research on the indigenous usage of psychedelic plants used in ritual and ceremony on the African continent, through the lenses of ancient history and mythology. Several communities use these sacred plants in their rites of passage, initiation ceremonies and daily ritual.

This is a great interactive talk and slide show presentation that takes you into the ritual and medicinal use of psychedelics by some of the most ancient African peoples, into ancient Egypt and beyond.

Darren Springer is a grass-roots researcher and event organiser based in London, the Director of Ancient Future, the Convenor of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings and curator at Earth Tone Arts.

Get your tickets here.

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