Decolonise Fest Online opens next Tuesday 1st September with “Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club presents – Entering into the Serpent: Dialoguing with Kali led by Monique & Clémentine Bedos”. 🐍

In their words: “Rage is a natural and valid emotion in these times. In the midst of a pandemic, the government continues to fail our communities and police brutality is still enforced on the most vulnerable. Systemic racism is felt more keenly in this time of great oppression, and around the world we grieve the loss of our siblings. It is important to accept these emotions as they come. In validating our grief, we can embody that which will enable us to see us through these strange times, and embrace rage with methods that are both validating and healing.

Clem (@clembedos) leads us through a journey of Tantric breath work, bringing us into contact with the Goddess of Revolution, our Divine Mother, Kali. Monique (@blackvenusinfurs) will then teach a few simple martial arts techniques that will allow us to physically embody the principles of power, protection and pleasure.” 💚

Tickets for this interactive workshop are FREE – secure your spot through @dicefm, link in bio! 🎫

Decolonise Fest online is supported using funding from @aceagrams 🎉
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