Help bring Kenyan punk band Crystal Axis to Decolonise Fest 2020

Decolonise Fest is back for a fourth year in a row and we’re hyped to bring you the most exciting acts around right now.

Every year we aim to bring over an international band to ensure Decolonise Fest represents the punx of colour community beyond the UK and this year is no different.

The first act announced for Decolonise Fest 2020 is Kenyan rock band Crystal Axis. To help bring the band over we’re fundraising to raise money to go towards their flight costs, fees, visa applications, and additional travel costs.

You can donate at our JustGiving page here.

Crystal Axis, who formed in 2011, are a key part of the thriving Kenyan punk scene and are known for their brooding, larger than life, desert rock sound.

The band’s lyrics often draw on the brutality of both the legacy of colonialism and the Kenyan government. Their 2019 single ‘Nyayo House’ is based on the torture chambers used by the government to silence dissidents, while 2018 single ‘Leopold’ is about the atrocities inflicted on the Congo by King Leopold II of Belgium.

We think Crystal Axis will be the perfect addition to the Decolonise Fest family and we know you’ll love them too.

Last year we raised over £2500 to bring over native American punk band Weedrat whose electric performance was one of the most talked about of the whole weekend.

We’re asking you to give what you can so we can make our punk dreams come true and ensure Decolonise Fest will always be a space where our punk family from around the world can feel seen and represented.

Any donation how matter small would be an amazing help!


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