Zine 2020

This year’s edition of the zine was produced from submissions received
before 22nd May, i.e. at a time of global adjustment to a virus that
exposed the world’s inequalities and brought it to pause. About a week
after this date, the George Floyd protests started in the US and spread
globally. Delaying the festival felt necessary as many of us were
personally affected by the intensity of this time, going straight from
lockdown into mass protest scenarios. Despite the delays, creating
spaces for voices of colour to exist as priority felt more important
than ever.

So we are delighted to finally publish the zine to
coincide with an online edition of our festival. This collection
includes poetry, paintings, photography and written pieces, all of which
centre worlds that exist outside of the white hegemony. The zine will
be available online for the first time.

The 60 page collection is
being printed on recycled paper in full colour, and will also be
available as a PDF. Both will be available to order from our Bandcamp
during and after the festival. We hope to be able to distribute our
zines from behind a physical merch table at a show in the
not-too-distant future.

A sketchy hand, A.A. Noun, Adam Karenina Sherif, Afroditi
Goulioumi, Ahilapalapa Rands, Alkebuluan Merriweather, Alyssa
Smith-Lee, Baris Yüksel, Gayathiri Kamalakanthan, Glory Samjolly,
Ibrahim Noor, Jelly Cleaver, Jenan Younis, Jo Walsh and Ariana Davis, Kelsea Delatango, Kim M Reynolds,

Brown, Maira Butt, Marco Marcelline, Maria Rosamojo, Mariano Dos
Reis Borges, Momoe Tasker,
Nadia Mirza Saadi, Nile HQ, Priscila Hernandez, Shimul Chowdhury, V23,
Vijay Patel

Page layouts, collation, etc. by the Decolonise Fest zine team –
Ishani Jasmin, Sandy Gill, Moni Serneabat, Syra Tariq

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